Our Story

In July 2015, Jade left her job as a Primary School Teacher in Whitehaven. She made the decision to move to the glorious city of Manchester – where the air is polluted but she thought the boys might be better! Her first step was starting with Turner & Townsend to pursue a career in Project Management. This is where she met Craig – a modest but ridiculously good looking Quantity Surveyor.

Craig and Jade both worked at Manchester City Council. They had a great laugh together and a lot in common, which made the job all the more tolerable. Later that year, in November 2016, Craig decided to leave Turner & Townsend and could finally ask Jade on a date, without worrying about seeing Leon (Jade’s Brother) the next day in the office. They went to Heaton Park to watch the annual bonfire and firework display – a date which has become a yearly tradition.

2017 was a year of good fun, Craig bought a new property – a real lads pad, which was extremely short lived. There were plenty of firsts for the two of them, such as; Craig’s first trip to Whitehaven, girl squad approval (obviously), a family holiday to Marbella which consisted of one very heavy night at the Beach House and one hell of a hangover. Some other notable memories were; Tenerife, the Jurassic Park road trip and the Wright wedding. 

Well, this really was the year. Craig and Jade moved in together and they really made the flat a home. Iain spent hours both swearing and painting the ceiling but it was Jeanette’s ability to hide wires under the carpet that really ‘transformed the room’. Another trip to Marbella with Bev and Steve was a great addition to the year. The trip to Gibraltar was a highlight when Steve came face to face with one of his pre-evolved ancestors (see Instagram for details). This year also saw the arrival of Ashton Wright – The first nephew and Grandchild for the family. 

Also in 2018....