The Wedding

Friday 11th October 2019
Jade and Craig will be holding a gathering the night before the wedding.
If anybody would like to join us for pizza, beer and prosecco, feel free to come along.
Further details of timings and venue will be provided nearer the time. Check back on this page for more information.   
Saturday 12th October 2019

Guests to arrive at the venue no later than 2.30 pm for the wedding ceremony to begin at 3.00 pm.

Wedding gift:
The date is set and we would love you to come
To celebrate with us for our day in the sun.
We know it’s not the norm but to provide some clarity
We would like to encourage a donation to charity. 
We’ve got our favourites, please see below
We would like to give something back and help people grow. 
We know some people still won’t take heed 
Despite us saying we have what we need. 
So a small contribution will help us on our way
To a honeymoon in the future some other day
The choice is really up to you
As we know this decision is something new
We would really just like to say 
We hope you enjoy yourselves and have a lovely day.

For directions from Malaga airport to the wedding venue click here