The Wedding Party

The Bridal Party

The Bride

If you don't know about Jade, she will be the one in the white dress enjoying sangria and probably dancing like an idiot!

The Bridesmaids

Kate Rogers

Kate is Jade's maid of honour. They first met at nursery aged 3 and the rest is history. Kate is creative and an artist in her own right - she can really draw! Jade and Kate have shared many memories and holidays together. They share a love for chocolate and have to stay well away from Hotel can cause serious problems! Kate can keep the biggest secrets...Jade's engagement for one!

Leanne Butler

Leanne is Jade's Geordie friend. They met at university whilst studying to be Early Years Teachers….although, neither of them have stuck with the teaching career path! Leanne is cabin manager for Jet 2 airlines (she will guide you to the nearest fire exit in case of an emergency). Leanne has been on many Wright family trips to Marbella always resulting in far too many jager bombs and sun stroke!

Kimberly Wright

Kim is Jade's sister in law. Kim and Jade went to the same secondary school and played netball for the team. When Leon asked Jade if she knew who Kim was…the response, to Leon's surprise, was…"Of course - I used to sit next to her in Maths". It was clearly meant to be. After several happy years together, a marriage, they are now proud parents to our page boy - Ashton!

Andrea Bright

Andrea is Jade's long standing friend since Primary School. Friends since reception, they have many childhood memories together; from seeing Westlife and the Spice Girls in their prime to a holiday in Tenerife. Andrea is a big Harry Potter fan, something Jade and Andrea still have in common...I think everyone will be hoping for "a spell of sunshine" in Marbella!

Emily Kershaw

Emily is Craig's niece. She attends Urmston Grammar School, which has run in the family since her Grandad attended there 48 years ago. She is a huge fan of baking (Mary Berry style). When having sleepovers at Jade and Craig's place, Jade gets sent a recipe so spectacular that it could live up to something off the Great British Bake Off - no pressure then!

The Parents

Iain and Jeanette Wright

Jade’s Mam and Dad have been married for over 30 years. Parent’s to Jade and Leon and now grandparents to Ashton. Iain works in IT but if he had his time again he would love to be a golfer – it’s his obsession. Jeanette is a Director of a successful safeguarding business, enjoys socialising with her friends and a large glass of rose or two. Not too many though, the hangover isn’t worth it! 

Page Boy

Ashton Wright

Ashton is the son of Leon and Kim and Jade’s nephew. Ashton calls the shots in the Wright household and already has Nana Nette and Papa Iain wrapped around his little finger!

The Groom Party

The Groom

If you don't know about the groom…I'm surprised you got an invite!

The Best Men

Chris Heathcote

(aka Scrote) has been friends with Craig since Sixth Form. He is engaged to Kara Quayle and has two daughters – Ivy and Lexii. He made great choices in having Craig be a godparent, but also his best man in 2021 – This might change depending on his best man speech.

Lewis Wilkinson

Lewis has known Craig since year 7 where they went to Urmston Grammar School together. Despite being a self proclaimed 'tangerine love machine' he is prone to burning so please bring him some after sun. Lewis got engaged to Kim Grieves in 2017 at his dad's cottage in Anglesey.

Josh Cassell

Josh has known Craig since toddlers when Bev used to look after him – and trust me, he needed a lot of looking after. A friendship that has lasted the true test of time, and a bond as close as family. Unlike the other best men; Josh isn’t engaged, he doesn’t have kids….but he has a flat mate.

The Parents

Bev and Steve Tonge

Craig's Mum and Dad, Bev and Steve, have been together for over 30 years. They have always lived locally to Manchester and currently reside in Thelwall, a quaint village in Cheshire. Steve has a love for golf, enjoys a good quiz and chooses a good brew over alcohol. In contrast, Bev has her own cleaning business, doesn't like golf and would choose gin and wine over a brew anytime. I guess opposites attract.

The Others

Scott Kershaw

Scott is Craig's older brother. He has two children, Emily and Owen. Scott works in the car industry which explains why nobody in the family keeps a car for more than 6 months - Cheers Bro!

Ring Bearer
Owen Kershaw

Owen is Scott's youngest child and only son. He is full of character and the ying to Emily's yang. Basically he is the devil of the two. Owen is a keen Manchester United supporter and just started to take an interest in golf - something his Uncle Craig is very happy about.

Leon Wright

Leon is Jade's older brother and an Associate Director at Turner & Townsend. He is one of the main reasons she moved to Manchester. What a result that decision turned out to be! My advice when you meet Leon is do not go drink for drink (with any of the Wright's in fact) as it will be to your demise!